Partners of Datastreams AI are using ALEX to come up with new solutions in their niche industry. With ALEX, new solutions can be created by domain engineers and easily deployed in a matter of seconds. To become a partner of Datastreams AI, please contact us at: contact@dstreams.ai


ALEX can be used for proximity marketing, incorporating beacons and mobile infrastructure to locate customers and analyze their behavior and enhance their experience by providing them with exactly what they need. ALEX can also provide predictions for managing inventory, just in time delivery and promotional offerings. Further, E-commerce portals can incorporate product recommendations using ALEX’s predictions.



ALEX is being used in the telecommunications industry for network anomaly detection, network security, radio access network optimization, dynamic traffic, and capacity management, AI-based subscriber insights, AI-assisted customer support, and sales as well as AI-based content processing and management.  ALEX is telco aware by its ability to integrate into a telco’s legacy network regardless of the network equipment provider they are using. ALEX had been deployed in the telecommunications network with over 90 million subscribers.



Users can have a real-time health profile at their fingertips by having ALEX analyze continuous streaming data from wearable technologies, clinics, and hospitals. This real-time health profile can be used to predict the user’s conditions and ALEX can provide real-time alerts to them as well as their healthcare support team when critical signs are forecasted. Monitoring of all vital signs are possible using wearable devices and can increase operational efficiency in hospitals, improve patients care and health outcomes, and long term reduces the cost of healthcare for everyone by improving the productivity of the healthcare system.



Whether it be a commercial building, factories or manufacturing plants, streaming AI can be used to gather data from sensors within these buildings to perform predictive maintenance, predictive energy optimization, and others. Datastreams AI works with system integrators and Light Industrial software platforms to allow these predictive models to be put to use.

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